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Enabling New Genome Sequencing Technology to Stand Out in a Crowd

In the early 2000s, there were a number of companies working on genome sequencing technology in an effort to be the best at leveraging this amazing new technology. 454 Life Sciences’ approach featured simple, unbiased sample preparation and long, highly accurate sequence reads (including paired reads). Now the company just had to get noticed by the right clients – companies and research institutes – to get its sequencer into a significant number of labs.

The company contacted Russo Partners and embarked on a mission that began with intense messaging and positioning sessions. The 454 sequencer was already in use in the field, so Russo Partners worked with the end users to develop the story about the technology’s potential and practical results already being realized. Armed with ironclad messages, Russo Partners initiated a full-scale media relations attack. When 454’s technology powered the work of a high-profile researcher, Russo Partners was there to ensure that 454 was part of the coverage. The sequencing of the Neanderthal genome yielded international print and broadcast coverage – Time, Newsweek, BBC and more – courtesy of Russo Partners’ well-executed plan of attack. These results translated directly into sales success for the 454 team.