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Generating Awareness of a Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Test in a Crowded Market

Natera, a private Bay Area company, recognized the need for better prenatal testing options because amniocentesis and other, sometimes risky, invasive methods were the only accurate ways to test for specific chromosomal abnormalities. Even with strong research and an impressive track record of product launches, Natera found itself behind multiple companies gearing up to introduce noninvasive tests of this type. The company turned to Russo Partners to help position itself as a dominant player in the year between its competitors’ launches and its own while attracting the interest of venture capital investors.

Russo Partners prepared Natera’s executives to discuss the need for new tests and why its technology could be best-in-class, even if not first. Positioned as thought leaders and scientific experts, Natera’s executives participated in media briefings and conference presentations arranged by Russo Partners. As journalists wrote about the new tests in development by competitors, Natera found itself embedded in a wide range of feature articles in Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, San Francisco Business Times, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry and other outlets. And as the investment community took notice of the company, Russo Partners worked with Natera’s executives to coordinate investor meetings and investment conference participation as part of fundraising initiatives. Russo Partners’ strategy in “raining on the parade” of the competition produced significant, immediate returns for Natera and helped to establish a strong financial foundation for the launch of an important product.