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Introducing a Novel Medical Device to the World

It’s not a bare-metal stent. Nor is it a drug-eluting stent. OrbusNeich’s Genous® Bio-engineered R stent® is the world’s first pro-healing stent that promotes the healing of coronary arteries through an innovative endothelial progenitor cell capture technology.

With a growing body of clinical data in hand, OrbusNeich recruited Russo Partners to get the word out globally, with a specific focus on several European countries. The agency translated clinical data into language that resonated with interventional cardiologists, built a story around the need for new stent technology in light of serious concerns with widely used drug-eluting stents and set up a global news bureau. Russo Partners facilitated interaction for OrbusNeich and interventional cardiology innovators with trade media at industry conferences and coordinated major press events in conjunction with data reports.

With OrbusNeich’s higher profile, the company found itself in the watchful eye of doctors who approached the sales representatives to learn more about Genous. In addition, the company tracked a significant spike in traffic to its Web site at the time of Russo Partners’ media placements. OrbusNeich’s story is a classic one of how getting a “seat at the table” with good medical technology through great PR makes a world of difference.