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Separating from the Larger Competition to Support Product Sales

Gaumard Scientific is a Miami-based company that designs, manufactures and markets simulators for healthcare educators worldwide. Russo Partners was hired by Gaumard to help call attention to its market-leading simulation technology that reflects innovation while distancing itself from competition.

The launch of Victoria, the most advanced birthing simulator, was an opportunity for Gaumard to showcase its cutting-edge technology, and Russo Partners developed a communications program that leveraged the first installations of Victoria as news hooks for local media, beginning in Florida (see story in the Miami Herald) and moving to new markets throughout the U.S. Each new installation announcement generated traditional and social media coverage of the company that quickly enabled us to populate the Web with clips and stories, all while driving a significant increase in online engagement for Gaumard with prospective customers.

Since the initial launch, we have broadened our program to include other simulators in the Gaumard family, demonstrating the breadth and technical advancement of the complete offering. Additional components of the program include video compilations, customer testimonials and action videos at tradeshows, as well as the creation of materials for distribution to customers to enable them generate their own publicity (e.g. B-roll, template news releases and fact sheets).

Ultimately, this comprehensive communications program has broadened the customer base for Gaumard’s products, improved the company’s direct relationships with current customers and increased incoming requests for information from non-customers.