Investor Relations

Developing and executing on a comprehensive strategy to create the right environment to optimize your company’s image and valuation with the investment community.

At Russo Partners, we not only know how to talk business, we know how to talk about your business. With more than two decades of Wall Street experience, our investor relations counselors are experts at translating your science and corporate strategy into appropriate language for venture capitalists, bankers, analysts and portfolio managers to help maximize shareholder interest and value.

IR Services

  • Develop and execute a strategy to establish and maintain credibility with investors
  • Manage the financial results process
  • Coordinate investor/analyst days at the right time
  • Effectively manage investor expectations
  • Target and reach out to the right investors, analysts and investment bankers
  • Understand investor perceptions and translate those perceptions to actions
  • Create investor relations materials (financial results news releases, scripts, corporate decks, etc.)
  • Manage crises
  • Manage and advise through the IPO process