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More Telehealth Benefits Coming To Medicare Advantage Plans In 2020
| Forbes

Access to telehealth services for seniors got another boost Friday when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it would allow private Medicare Advantage plans to offer additional access to virtual doctors in their basic benefit packages.

Oncology Pharma De-Risk Through Collaborations and Novel Combination Therapy Targets
| Pharma Exec

Small biopharmaceutical enterprises face many hurdles and risks with bringing novel therapies to market. Some biopharmaceutical enterprises have de-risked their approaches towards drug development by forging fruitful collaborations with medical research institutions to explore novel combination therapy mechanisms. Spiro Rombotis, president and CEO of Cyclacel, highlights why targeting cyclin-dependent kinases and the DNA repair pathway […]

Once An Insider’s Domain, Health IT Conference Embraces Consumer Tech Giants

Health care’s digital transformation will take center stage in Orlando, Fla., next week at the industry’s most influential technology conference, a gathering whose exponential growth is a metaphor for the change sweeping through one of America’s biggest economic sectors.