Case Study: Alder BioPharmaceuticals
A Search for Patients Goes Viral

How PR Bolsters Recruitment for a Clinical Trial

No one conveys the importance of clinical research better than patients who describe a disease and express hope that research will lead to a better treatment. So, when Alder BioPharmaceuticals came to us for help in boosting recruitment for clinical research on an antibody therapy for migraines, we defined clear and memorable brand messaging and worked with the company’s clinical operations team and with local investigators to identify patients who could articulate the debilitating effect of migraines – and their optimism about a therapy being tested to prevent – not just treat – the disease.

“This is the most effective clinical trial recruitment tool I’ve seen in my career,” said Dr. Arif Khan, the Seattle-area investigator who received hundreds of calls and enrolled more than 40 subjects after the local NBC station aired one such patient story with his contact information.

When the report was distributed on the national USA Today website network, our message went viral on social media, where patients and caregivers added their personal migraine stories as they reposted and shared the news reports.