Case Study: Axovant Sciences
Athletes Help Axovant Beat the Odds in Clinical Trial Recruitment

Our champion athletes deliver your message with passion

Russo Partners’ Sports-Health Alliance’s award-winning work with Axovant Sciences shows how our champion athletes can use their name recognition to become powerful influencers for cognitive health. Axovant approached us for help in bolstering enrollment for a Phase 3 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease treatment – traditionally one of the most challenging assignments in clinical research recruitment.

Sports-Health Alliance team leader Solomon Wilcots recruited former NFL stars Steve Tasker, Ron Pitts, Christian Fauria, Joey Harrington and Joe Rose to Axovant’s cause.

With headlines linking football injuries to memory loss and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the former pro athletes were ideal spokesmen for our ‘Huddle Up for New Alzheimer’s Treatments’ campaign promoting participation in research to evaluate a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s.  They became role models for people concerned about memory loss and the possible onset of Alzheimer’s, with news reports showing the athletes sharing concerns about memory loss and participating in memory screenings designed to identify prospective subjects for the Axovant study.

With the athletes’ help, Axovant completed recruitment for the study in an unusually short period of just 12 months.