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Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals and University of Edinburgh

Status: Cyclacel and the University said April 20 they will study fadraciclib and seliciclib as potential early treatments for the inflammatory response observed in patients with COVID-19 disease. Both candidates are designed to suppress Mcl-1 in patients with proliferative diseases, while seliciclib has also been shown to efficiently suppress IL-6 transcription, a presumptive contributor to COVID-19 […]

224-year-old Smallpox Treatment Modified for COVID-19 Candidate Vaccine
| Technology Networks

Vaccine development is a science over 200 years in the making, but creating a preventative that is effective and safe remains a complex and challenging task. Among the many companies working to create a vaccine for COVID-19 is Tonix Pharmaceuticals. Their pre-clinical candidate vaccine uses a unique platform that sets it apart from other efforts to fight the […]

Another Takeda/Shire R&D exec jumps ship as Pharvaris nabs Peng Lu as its new CMO
| FierceBiotech

After getting off a $66 million series B round in September last year, hereditary angioedema (HAE) specialist Pharvaris has taken on a seasoned HAE developer to help lead its pipeline. The startup has nabbed former Takeda/Shire exec Peng Lu, M.D., Ph.D., as its chief medical officer; Lu comes from Shire after it has been subsumed […]