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Discovery of Cerecor Drug Candidate CERC-611 (LY3130481) Published in Nature Medicine

TARP ɣ-8 selectivity may lead to enhanced antiseizure therapy

BALTIMORE, MD — (Marketwired) — 11/07/16 — Cerecor, Inc. (NASDAQ: CERC), a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders, today announced the publication of the rational discovery of CERC-611 (LY3130481) that targets specific neural circuitries for the treatment of epilepsy.

The paper ‘Forebrain-selective AMPA-receptor antagonism guided by TARP ɣ-8 as a novel antiepileptic mechanism’was conducted by researchers at Eli Lilly and Company and published in the November online issue of Nature Medicine.

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