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Gaumard Scienfitic, a Miami-based medical simulation company conceives hyper-realistic birthing simulator

South Florida Business Journal

Celia Ampel

Sep 15, 2014

Newly minted medical students at the University of Miami and across the country will be delivering babies this year. These rookies will deal with C-sections, newborns struggling for oxygen and dozens of other high-risk, high-stress situations while mothers yelp with distress.

But don’t worry: Their patients aren’t real.

Miami-based company Gaumard Scientific Company just installed its first three Victoria birthing simulators, highly realistic imitators of pregnant women that help medical students train for deliveries.

“She looks absolutely real and her baby looks absolutely real,” said Gaumard Scientific’s executive vice president, John Eggert. “The students have no idea what’s going to happen next.”

The Victoria simulator is wireless, allowing instructors to create delivery complications from up to 100 feet away. It contains a compressor that controls her breathing, makes her eyes blink and allows her to move, Eggert said.

Victoria even talks, so professors can use her voice to tell medical students what’s going wrong.

Gaumard Scientific installed its first three simulators Monday at teaching hospitals in Ohio, North Carolina and Montana. It has six more installations planned for September. The University of Miami will have its own Victoria after years of using Gaumard’s other simulators, Eggert said.

Victoria is an update to Gaumard’s 2000 birthing simulator, Noelle. The new release adds a full-size, active baby that moves, cries and changes color in response to a lack of oxygen. Victoria is also completely wireless.

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