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GEN Roundtable Panel Discusses Technologies and Strategies for Product Development


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  • In January, San Francisco was the annual venue for the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and the Biotech Showcase Conference. These two meetings together provided an opportunity to get a good sense of the current status and potential future state of the global biotech industry.

    While these meetings in the City by the Bay progressed, GEN’s Editor-in-Chief, John Sterling, sat down with officials from seven companies engaged in bioproduct R&D or biomanufacturing for a roundtable discussion. (Originally, 10 companies were invited, but representatives from three of those firms were subsequently unable to attend).

    The plan was to learn more about each company’s product or technology focus along with the strategy each was pursuing to compete in the biotech marketplace. The companies were chosen based on good science, product need, sound management, and the specific area of product/technology concentration. As part of the discussion, a video recording of each of the interviewees was also made. The participants included:

    Jin Seok Hur, Ph.D., Technology Director, Novasep
    Roslyn Brandon, D.V.M., Ph.D., President and CEO, Immunexpress
    Ramesh Hariharan, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Strand Life Sciences
    Rick Gonzalez, President and CEO, Navidea Biopharmaceuticals
    Andrew Hirsch, President and CEO, Bind Therapeutics
    Chris Parker, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Cellular Dynamics International
    Robert Clarke, Ph.D., President and CEO, Pulmatrix

    What follows is a snapshot of each company and news about recent developments at the firms. Also included is a video clip from each interview. The goal is to offer a succinct and to-the-point description about each company and its planned path for success.