Medtech Veteran Reggie Groves On Leading With ‘Patients First’
| MassDevice

In guiding Medtronic through the Fidelis lead recall, medtech veteran Reggie Groves always took a “patients first” perspective. At DeviceTalks West 2018, Groves explained how her time at Medtronic influenced her as a leader and how she has brought those lessons into her role as CEO of Reva Medical.

First Device for Predicting Risk of Pressure Ulcers FDA Cleared
| Medgadget

Pressure ulcers are a common malady for bedridden patients, a situation that clinicians have been struggling to improve significantly. There are devices that sense how long a part of a body has been pressed on for too long, beds that deflate and inflate different areas to provide temporary respite, and clinical routines that help to […]

FDA Clears Bruin Biometrics’ Wireless Device to Detect Bedsore Risk
| FierceBiotech

The FDA granted Bruin Biometrics marketing approval for a wireless, hand-held scanner that warns doctors that their patients are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, or bedsores. The device is the first of its kind that assesses risk before damage shows up on the skin surface.