Considerations For Effective International Collaborations
| Life Science Leader

Over time, there has been significant growth in international collaborations within the biopharma field and opportunities based on emerging trends, market forces (e.g., unmet need), and disruptive advances in technology, regulatory policy, and other factors. However, achieving a successful and harmonious alliance is a challenging exercise, especially if such a collaboration covers great distance and […]

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Stages
| Genetic Literacy Project

For two decades, biotech companies trying to tackle Alzheimer’s disease have had little success. While vaccines have often shown promise for certain patients, they’ve come with devastating side effects for others—brain swelling, for example—because researchers haven’t been able to reliably keep patients’ immune systems from kicking into overdrive when exposed to the vaccines. Now, a four-year old […]

Vericel’s Cell Therapy to Repair and Regenerate Knee Cartilage
| Cutting Edge Cast

Not everyone heading to Atlanta for the Super Bowl is focusing entirely on the big game. Some are turning the spotlight on medical breakthroughs, and harnessing the power of sports to tackle injury. Former pro football player and sportscaster Solomon Wilcots has the play by play on a new cell therapy developed by Vericel to […]