Dr. Siegel: Alzheimer’s Disease — Why Results from a Vaccine and a Test Offer Concrete Reasons for Hope
| Fox News

Today there are new reasons to be hopeful about the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. First, according to research published in Nature Medicine, the disease may be detectable by a blood test 16 years before the onset of symptoms. Such a test, which detects certain proteins that may indicate early stages of the disease, would allow […]

UB-311 Vaccine Safe, Effective in Mild Alzheimer’s Patients, Phase 2a Trial Suggests
| Alzheimer's News Today

United Neuroscience’s Alzheimer’s vaccine candidate UB-311 was found safe and well-tolerated, triggering an antibody response against beta-amyloid in most of the patients, according to Phase 2a trial results.

FSD Pharma aims to have the world’s largest hydroponic indoor cannabis production and processing facility
| Proactive Investors

“HUGE” is the Canadian stock ticker for FSD Pharma Inc (CSE:HUGE) (OTCQB: FSDDF) (FRA:0K9) and it hints at the size of the company’s aspirations. Its aim? The development of high-quality, indoor-grown, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. But it’s even more than that. The company intends to target all legal aspects of the cannabis industry: cultivation, processing, manufacturing, extracts […]