FDA Clears Bruin Biometrics’ Wireless Device to Detect Bedsore Risk
| FierceBiotech

The FDA granted Bruin Biometrics marketing approval for a wireless, hand-held scanner that warns doctors that their patients are at risk of developing pressure ulcers, or bedsores. The device is the first of its kind that assesses risk before damage shows up on the skin surface.

Entrada Therapeutics Nabs $59M for Drugs that Gain “Entry” to Cells
| Xconomy

When it comes to getting a drug into a cell, size matters. Small molecules can easily pass through the cellular membrane in a way that larger therapeutic proteins can’t, which makes it difficult to develop a biological drug that can reach its target, says Dipal Doshi, CEO of biotech startup Entrada Therapeutics.

Guardant to develop CDx and TMB liquid biopsy tests for AstraZeneca’s targeted cancer therapies
| Fierce Biotech

AstraZeneca has tapped Guardant Health to develop blood-based companion diagnostics for its cancer treatments Tagrisso and Imfinzi. Under the multiyear agreement, Guardant will pursue an FDA approval for a Guardant360 CDx liquid biopsy test to help identify non-small cell lung cancer patients for treatment with Tagrisso, an EGFR inhibitor.