Bloomington startup’s device is making it easier to walk in a cast
| Star Tribune

A Bloomington startup called SubioMed wants to put a new spring in your step. Based on technology invented by a Minnesota podiatrist, SubioMed is developing a line of hinged carbon-fiber devices worn on the bottom of a cast or inside a “boot” brace that use a springlike mechanism to make it easier to walk more […]

FDA Finds Probable Carcinogen in Some Versions of Zantac
| The Wall Street Journal

The Food and Drug Administration said it has learned of a probable human carcinogen found at low levels in some versions of the popular heartburn drug Zantac, sold over the counter and in various generic forms.

Zantac Has Low Levels of a Cancer-Causing Chemical, the F.D.A. Says
| The New York Times

The Food and Drug Administration said on Friday that it had detected low levels of a cancer-causing contaminant in samples of heartburn medicines containing the drug commonly known as Zantac. It was advising patients who take over-the-counter versions to consider switching to a different medication. But no recalls have been initiated, and the agency said patients who take […]