Here’s Exactly Where We’re At With Vaccines and Treatments for COVID-19
| Healthline

With COVID-19 cases worldwide passing the 700,000 mark and continuing to grow, scientists are pushing forward with efforts to develop vaccines and treatments to slow the pandemic and lessen its damage. Some of the earliest treatments will likely be drugs that are already approved for other conditions or have been tested on other viruses. “People are looking […]

How 3 Philly-area biopharmaceutical firms are working through coronavirus challenges
| Philadelphia Business Journal

Philadelphia-area life science companies say they are continuing their drug development efforts, but they expect to encounter some delays because of workplace restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic […]

OCD Patients Flock to Chicago Startup’s Online Therapy App Amid Coronavirus
| ChicagoInno

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects around 1 in 40 adults in the U.S., and for those who struggle with persistent, uncontrollable thoughts and impulses that come with OCD, living through today’s ongoing coronavirus pandemic can seem nearly impossible to manage. Combine that with social distancing orders around the country that may keep patients from venturing out to […]