The Coronavirus Pandemic May Be Causing an Anxiety Pandemic

As the physical coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, an emotional pandemic is following fast in its wake. When the whole world is going to pieces, it’s awfully hard for the human mind—a fragile thing in the best of times—to cope, and more and more, doctors are reporting the spread of despair, worry and depression among […]

From Ashes to Flames: Novel Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways Emerge
| Applied Clinical Trials

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has been one of the most challenging diseases of our times, and currently, there are no therapies that slow or halt the progression of the disease. INmune Bio’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. R.J. Tesi, highlights a unique approach, decreasing neuroinflammation, as a new strategy to slow Alzheimer’s disease […]

Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Advances with Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen Athersys
| Empowered Nation Radio

Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen, founder and CEO, Athersys a clinical stage biotech company, talks about developing cell therapies and regenerative medicine as alternatives to conventional standards of medical intervention and treatment using their MultiStem cell therapy platform.  Gil explains how gene therapies work by providing multi-dimensional solutions and how they differ from traditional pharmaceuticals or […]