BioOhio Member Athersys Releases Preview of “Disruptors in Believeland” Documentary

Premiering at the Cleveland Clinic 2018 Medical Innovation Summit, “Disruptors in Believeland” is a documentary that takes a closer look at the journey taken by innovative disruptors that helped create the thriving biomedical community that Cleveland has today.

The Voices of the Internet of Things with Chuck Martin: A Conversation with Rob Strickland, CEO and Founder of M37 Ventures and CEO of Atonomi

Rob has been Senior Vice President and CIO of both EchoStar Corporation and T-Mobile USA and Chief Technology Officer of Leap Wireless. Rob focuses on working with organizations to deal with the technological challenges of the future, especially those relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning and security.

Is an Alzheimer’s Vaccine Possible? This Woman Thinks So
| Fortune

The story of Alzheimer’s drug development has been filled with heartbreak over the past few decades. That’s part of the reason why some companies, researchers, and advocacy groups are now trying to prevent the brain-eating disease in the first place rather than curing it after-the-fact.