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Gaumard Scientific, a South Florida Medical Simulation Company Quietly Becomes a Force in Industry

Miami Herald

Nancy Dahlberg

Sep 14, 2014

Christopher Jorge isn’t a doctor, but that’s not stopping Victoria.

“The baby’s coming, the baby’s coming,” she says, demanding an epidural, but it’s a little late for that.

“Push, push, push,” says Jorge, coaching her through the contractions, as two “nurses” hold Victoria’s hand and watch her vital signs and fetal heart tones on several monitors.

A few minutes later, out pops the bundle of joy. Luckily, the birth has no complications.

The process doesn’t always go so smoothly, which is why Gaumard Scientific — where Jorge is a product specialist — is in demand. Gaumard, a 68-year-old family business headquartered near the Tamiami Airport in Miami-Dade has quietly grown to 300 employees producing medical simulators used to train specialists at hospitals, universities, nursing schools and the military as well as first responders. Victoria is the newest and most technologically advanced of the company’s 300 simulators for healthcare education.

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