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Vericel’s Cell Therapy to Repair and Regenerate Knee Cartilage
| Cutting Edge Cast

Not everyone heading to Atlanta for the Super Bowl is focusing entirely on the big game. Some are turning the spotlight on medical breakthroughs, and harnessing the power of sports to tackle injury. Former pro football player and sportscaster Solomon Wilcots has the play by play on a new cell therapy developed by Vericel to […]

Dr. Siegel: Alzheimer’s Disease — Why Results from a Vaccine and a Test Offer Concrete Reasons for Hope
| Fox News

Today there are new reasons to be hopeful about the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. First, according to research published in Nature Medicine, the disease may be detectable by a blood test 16 years before the onset of symptoms. Such a test, which detects certain proteins that may indicate early stages of the disease, would allow […]

First Device for Predicting Risk of Pressure Ulcers FDA Cleared
| Medgadget

Pressure ulcers are a common malady for bedridden patients, a situation that clinicians have been struggling to improve significantly. There are devices that sense how long a part of a body has been pressed on for too long, beds that deflate and inflate different areas to provide temporary respite, and clinical routines that help to […]