Sports-Health Alliance

Russo Partners' Sports-Health Alliance

We develop award-winning PR programs that are at the intersection of health, medicine and sports. We call on our armada of athletes, broadcasters and sports business leaders with whom we have close relationships and share the passions of our clients.

Russo Partners is taking leadership in athlete healthcare advocacy. We affiliate with athletes who have a passion for a healthy living and who identify with a disease, injury or physical malady. We work on both a national and grassroots level with a focus on improved patient health. Our professionals are known quantities and powerful influencers of healthy behavior. These are individuals who were required to practice health living so that they could be in top shape for success on the field. They received the highest quality of care and were exposed the newest medicines, treatments and regimens for restoration of their health. These celebrity athletes talk from the heart and are powerful storytellers and role models for vicarious learnings.

Russo Partners team leader Solomon Wilcots brings a vast network of current and former athletes who are willing to speak at town hall meetings and medical centers, or give interviews to local or national media. Their passion is evident and transformative which is why they are willing and eager to educate their audience, many of whom are former fans.

Since the inception of the Sports-Health Alliance at Super Bowl 50, our cast of sports figures leading the charge has grown, as new athletes learn of our program and ask to be involved. The embedded camaraderie of the sports world is a strong bond, and one that Russo Partners leverages.

Case Studies

Aethlon Medical: We supported CTE diagnosis awareness and education at Super Bowl 51 in Houston, where we coordinated 30+ interviews with U.S. outlets  on Radio Row and with local newspapers and television stations. As intended, this coverage produced numerous inquiries from doctors and former professional athletes with interest in the potential of a blood test to detect CTE.  Read More >

Alder BioPharmaceuticals: We created an internal video for Alder’s use at a company meeting to showcase the team’s work in migraine drug development. Read More >