5 Ways Telehealth Can Improve Health System Performance
| Inside Digital Health

Americans’ use of telehealth has grown rapidly in recent years, but there is still ample room for the technology to scale up as consumers increasingly demand convenient access to healthcare. Between 2015 and 2019,  the size of the U.S. telehealth services market has more than doubled to $2.3 billion, according to estimates from IbisWorld. Currently, 76% […]

FSD Pharma bolsters its board of directors with a pair of fresh faces
| Proactive Investors

FSD Pharma Inc (CSE:HUGE) (OTCMKTS:FSDDF) is beefing up its board of directors, the company announced Wednesday. James Datin, CEO of the bioanalytics lab BioAgilytix, and Robert Ciaruffoli, the co-founder and vice chairman of the 100-member angel investor network Broad Street Angels, are joining the board.

Noninvasive Test of Cell-Free Methylated DNA Markers Shows High Sensitivity and Specificity in Detection of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC); Early Study Results Presented at ASCO 2019 by Laboratory for Advanced Medicine (LAM)
| BioQuick News

One of the highly significant abstracts presented at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2019 in Chicago (May 31-June 4) described impressive preliminary data on the liquid biopsy detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), which is one of the most prevalent malignancies in Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Arctic. Using a […]