Tony Russo, PhD

Chairman and CEO

Tony has been a member of the healthcare and technology PR and IR community for more than three decades. As a founder of Noonan/Russo in 1988, he and his colleagues have helped build signature healthcare brands worldwide. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Tony has published articles and chapters in numerous scientific magazines, medical journals and books. As comfortable on the streets of Rome as he is in London, Shanghai or New York City, Tony possesses that rare combination of a world viewpoint and a razor-sharp focus on his business.

David Schull, JD


David is a highly experienced communications strategist and former journalist who has developed results-oriented programs for a variety of healthcare and technology companies. He has managed highly successful programs – including product launches and financial communications – for biotech, digital technology, pharma, medtech and healthcare services businesses at all stages of their lifecycles. From his early days in the broadcast studio, David learned the importance of speed, accuracy and focus — lessons that are just as applicable to the field of PR as they are to journalism.

Brad Prunty

Executive Vice President

Brad has managed communications for companies of all sizes for 30 years. His marketing communications, corporate identity and related brand-development activities have garnered numerous industry awards. Understanding the business from the inside out, Brad has also served as a private consultant to start-up and early stage life science companies. Highly accomplished in the performing arts, Brad has a passion for music and theater. His creativity on stage carries over to client projects in more ways than one.