Bayer is going all in on next-gen stem cell biotech BlueRock, buying out Versant and founders for $600M
| Endpoints News

After holding a ringside seat watching the growing team at BlueRock build up an advanced preclinical set of regenerative stem cell projects in the pipeline, Bayer wants to own it all. Bayer execs struck a deal to buy out the 60% of the shares it didn’t already own, paying $240 million in cash and setting […]

Tunable CAR-T Therapies: A New Generation of Small, Molecule-Controlled Therapies
| BioSpace

Despite the success of CAR-T therapies for B-cell cancers and multiple myeloma, developing CAR-T therapies for solid tumors has posed more of a challenge. Failure of the CAR-T cells to multiply to high enough levels, the tumor microenvironment being immunosuppressive, and tumor cells ‘escaping’ the therapy by losing target antigen expression are just some of […]

Blood purification company Aethlon Medical turns its focus to cancer
| MedCity News

The San Diego company, which initially gained attention for successfully treating Ebola patients, has turned its focus on exosomes which play a role in immune system suppression and the spread of cancerous cellular material. Aethlon Medical grabbed headlines a few years ago when its HemoPurifier blood filtering device was used on an emergency basis to treat […]