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Alzheimer’s Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Stages
| Genetic Literacy Project

For two decades, biotech companies trying to tackle Alzheimer’s disease have had little success. While vaccines have often shown promise for certain patients, they’ve come with devastating side effects for others—brain swelling, for example—because researchers haven’t been able to reliably keep patients’ immune systems from kicking into overdrive when exposed to the vaccines. Now, a four-year old […]

Dr. Siegel: Alzheimer’s Disease — Why Results from a Vaccine and a Test Offer Concrete Reasons for Hope
| Fox News

Today there are new reasons to be hopeful about the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. First, according to research published in Nature Medicine, the disease may be detectable by a blood test 16 years before the onset of symptoms. Such a test, which detects certain proteins that may indicate early stages of the disease, would allow […]

United Neuroscience’s ‘endobody’ Parkinson’s vaccine shows promise in early tests
| FierceBiotech

United Neuroscience is developing a novel class of vaccines that target aberrant proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases. Now it has strong preclinical evidence showing that one of its vaccines could hold promise in Parkinson’s disease.